IMS Security (TS-250)

  • Author:
    Martin Kacer
  • Level:
  • Study time: 
    3 days
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Training description
TS-250 is a practical training course, providing invaluable knowledge on modern telecom and mobile systems and networks, in the context of NGN and IMS core networks. It focuses on the core network evolutions of the legacy telecom networks into IMS networks, the use of SIP, RTP and Diameter protocols in the context of IMS, Security of different IMS planes, typical attacks on IMS infrastructure, Voice over LTE and Voice over Wifi, and many more.
  • Exams: 
    15 Self-assessment quizzes
    1 Final exam

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Martin Kacer
Telecommunication Security Expert

Martin is a Telecommunication Security Expert. He made contributions to security guidelines related to interconnect signalling of mobile networks, such as GSMA FS.11, FS.19, FS.20, FS.36 and others. Author of an open-source telecom SS7, Diameter Signalling firewall, he has designed the signalling intrusion detection systems, vulnerability scanners and threat intelligence. Moreover, Martin conducts security missions such as pentests, security audits, threat hunting and others.
Karim Gharoual
SS7, Diameter Lead Signaling Auditor

Karim is a security researcher and auditor. Leveraging his understanding of mobile networks, Karim conducts Audits and Penetration Tests, delivering comprehensive evaluations of system vulnerabilities. He is actively involved in maintaining and enhancing P1 Security's P1 Telecom Auditor and Fuzzer tools. By closely aligning these tools with the evolving needs and technological advancements of P1 Security's clientele, Karim ensures that they remain at the forefront of cutting-edge security solutions.