P1 Security Cyber-Range Lab

The original « P1 Security Cyber-Range Lab » is a separate application from the P1 Security Online Training Platform.

The P1 Security Cyber-Range Lab is a capture-the-flag solution aiming to allow trainees to exercise their telecom security-related skills over realistic, simulated UNIX-based environments, as well as realistic PCAP-formatted telecom signalling network captures.

When user accounts are created on the P1 Security Cyber-Range Lab Platform, Linux desktop-based virtual machines are automatically generated for each member of the concerned training session

The P1 Security Cyber-Range Lab proposes a scoreboard to the users along with a list of the exercises which they validated.

This way, trainees are provided a realistic learning environment with genuinely formatted signalling, SS7/Diameter network captures, allowing to perform hands-on security training, leveraging the use of actual network scanning tools.

It is hence a practical and playful way to learn telecom networking security basics in an ergonomic and adapted environment.
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